Cisco Certified Network Associate-03

CCNA is one of the most valued IT certification through out the world. As much as or even more than 1 million CCNA certificates have been awarded since it was first launched in 1998. So it is not by fluke that Cisco has achieved such humongous figures.Cisco certifications have benefited both the employee as well as the employer. It is a known fact that many people have literally changed their lives and have got real benefits and acquired valuable skills in the process of becoming certified. There are innumerable instances where individuals having more than ten years or so in their networking career feel the need of getting CCNA certified.

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Admission Open

Course Fee : ৳ 12000

Batch Duration

- 72 Hours (3 Months) - Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday (7.00 - 9.00 PM)

Course Curriculum

Module 01 : IP Data Networks
Module 02 : LAN Switching
Module 03 : IP Addressing (IPv4 and IPv6)
Module 04 : IP Routing
Module 05 : IP Services
Module 06 : Network Device Security
Module 07 : Troubleshooting
Module 08 : WAN Technologies

Course Instructor

Quazi Mahmudul Huq

Sr. Faculty