About The Course

Course Topic Overview and Description:

In this course you’ll get real time exposure on load testing with the most popular open source Performance Testing tool –Jmeter. This course is designed in such a way that a user can start the things from the very scratch without any prior knowledge on Jmeter or Performance Testing.

Advantages of taking this course:

  • Clear understanding of how to put Load on Web applications and REST API’s
  • Strong knowledge of all the features available in Jmeter tool to write load test cases
  • Gain knowledge on monitoring the application performance with given load
  • Complete knowledge on Jmeter addin plugins to make reports more effective
  • Integration of Selenium with Jmeter
  • Beanshell Scripting basics for Jmeter


The course is for 5 days. Various instructional methods will be used to teach the objectives mentioned above. The training method would be completely interactive and participative. Students will receive course materials which will be discussed during class.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for manual testers, web service testers, non-programming aware testers interested in learning performance testing.

Related Job Functions:

  • Manual testers
  • Webservice testers
  • Non-programming aware testers
  • Performance testing

Course Delivery:

The course will be delivered using formal lectures combined with questions based on the topics. The class will be conducted both online and in-person. 

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Jmeter architecture
  • Installation & configuration
  • Tool overview
  • Recording the AUT with Jmeter
  • Recording & playback Jmeter scripts

Day 2

  • Thread group in Jmeter
  • Putting load on application
  • Thread group additional plugin
  • Recording Tests for checking assertions
  • Jmeter Assertions
  • Assertions code dump
  • Control usage in Jmeter

Day 3

  • Simple controller, runtime, usage in scripting
  • Controllers test case code
  • Transaction controllers
  • Timers usage
  • Regular expressions
  • How to datadrive into application

Day 4

  • Datadriven testing with Jmeter
  • Datadriven code dump
  • Correlation
  • Regular expressions code
  • Http cookie manager
  • Html link parser usage
  • Html link parser code

Day 5

  • Thread group code dump download
  • Introduction - Beanshell
  • Scripting, basics, variables - Beanshell
  • Dynamic Value – Beanshell
  • Post processor validations – Beanshell
  • Sampler code – Beanshell
  • Timers code dump
  • Selenium integration with Jmeter

Course Instructor