Dr. Saiful Khandaker

Dr. Saiful Khandaker


[email protected]

MPhil (UMIST, Manchester), PhD (UMIST, Manchester), MBCS


Career Highlights

Dr. Saiful Khandaker acquired necessary acumen spanning over two decades preparing himself to lead Mi3, a technology organization in North America and Bangladesh. Alongside gaining formal education, his continuous learning from work related involvements and leading engineering teams as software consultant with some of Fortune 500 technology corporations has been the eye-opener in the wide world of technology.




An avid learner as he is, Dr. Saiful experienced the development and growth of outsourcing, internet and mobile telephony, product development and value creation from the nearest possible views giving him insights into subtle intricacies and inner-workings of technology world. Dr. Saiful raised $1.4 million from personal networking. While sourcing IT talents for General Electric (GE) in Bangladesh as enlisted vendor, Dr. Saiful convinced and led a team from GE to check first-hand about Bangladesh’s outsourcing capabilities. To materialize immediate and long run visionary goals, Dr. Saiful initiated and founded US-Bangladesh Technology Association of North America stepping beyond self-interest, creating an cooperative platform conducive of exclusive actions benefiting Bangladesh regarding outsourcing, IT talent development, employment creation and channelizing NRB investments in technologies.

 Education and certifications

  • B.Sc in Computer Information System
  • M.Sc in Technology, Phd.