Dr. Halimur R. Khan

Dr. Halimur R. Khan


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Career Highlights


An Associate Professor of Russian Language and Research Director at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, USA. A Harvard University graduate, Halimur R. Khan, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Russian Language and Research Director at the US Air Force Academy. He teaches and conducts research on Russian language, literature, Russian area studies, as well as educational and national leadership issues; Khan also consults on international education policy. Currently, he is a core faculty member at the Strategic Languages Division at the US Air Force Academy under the Defense Department of the United States




Halimur Khan has been a faculty member at numerous U.S. universities teaching courses in Russian language, literature & culture as well as courses on Great Books, Culture & Civilization of South-Asia and of the United States. During his academic career, he has taught at Oberlin College, Georgetown University, Wayne State University, University of Michigan and Colgate University prior to joining the USAF Academy. Khan is a member of over a dozen professional organizations and a regular contributor to various national and international conferences. He is also involved in international education policy formulation, especially for primary and secondary schools in developing countries and frequently consults on girls’ access to education. He is the author of numerous books, and dozens of journal articles in the areas of Russian literature and international education policy.


Education and certifications

Halimur has three Masters Degrees:

  • from Moscow Linguistic University (Interpreter and Translator of Russian, French and English languages);
  • from the University of Albany in New York (Russian literature), and
  • from Harvard University (International Education Policy and Leadership);

Khan earned his Ph.D. in Slavic Languages, literatures and cultures from the University of Michigan.