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Whether you are thinking of re-entering for a new career or enhancing your current one, PeopleNTech has over 10 years experience in Computer Training and delivering education that will provide you with the highest quality support, training and qualifications.

Our Courses - Steps to rewarding IT Career

Our superlative selection of courses has been specifically designed to help industry professionals work with today's best-of-breed automation tools. It is our objective to make our students professional and experienced at what they learn.

Guaranteed Job Placements

Our recruitment team have 100% JOB PLACEMENT RECORD for the last 8 years in finding the jobs for our students. We have a track record of placing students with some of the big names in the market like Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, HP & IBM.

Latest Courses

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Software Testing with Quick Test Pro (QTP)/(UFT)

This Software Testing with QuickTestPro/Unified Functional Testing Automation course is an intensive hands-on course is designed to provide an introduction to the complexities of software testing.

Software Testing with Performance

This Performance Test Engineering with Database Administration course is an intensive hands-on course is designed to provide an introduction to the complexities of software performance testing.

Software Testing with Selenium

The purpose of the program is to offer trainee or student a real world experience and skills in academic environment.

Project Management Professional

Aimed at those whose goal is to achieve the internationally recognized PMPĀ® and CAPMĀ® designation, this course provides an intensive, in-depth look at all aspects of project management

Oracle DBA

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to capitalize on their skills and experience as a DBA to manage a Oracle Server system.

SQL Server DBA

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to capitalize on their skills and experience as a DBA to manage a Microsoft SQL Server system.

Business Analyst

This course is intended for those who want to work as a Business Analyst.Knowledge of Computer Basics like A+, Network Basics and Microsoft office.

Certified Web Development Specialist

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to capitalize on their skills and experience as a Web developer to manage various web site development projects.

Android Apps Development Training

This course includes some fundamental core courses.

English Language for IT and Business

The ultimate goal of the course is to provide a solid English Language foundation for those who want to build up their career in the world of Information Technology.

Basic Computer Courses

This course is recommended for those who are interested to work on IT related jobs.Knowledge of Typing, experience using Windows and a Web browser.


PeopleNTech is providing best training for outsourcing training on search engine optimization(SEO) with job gurantee.


Our Features

Professional Courses

We are providing more than 28 skill devloplment courses in PeopleNTech institute of Information Technology.

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Online Training

Not a single class you will miss. We are available in online platform.

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Job Placement

Our recruitment team have 100% JOB PLACEMENT RECORD for the last 8 years in finding the jobs for our students.

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H1B Visa

PeopleNTech is also an E-Verify company. So, student can take advantage of applying for the 17-month OPT extension through us.

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Corporate IT Training Solutions

PeopleNTech has the expertise, facilities, experts and Real-time Project-oriented Hands-on skill development method

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Trusted Certifications

We have provided more then 4000 trusted and verified certificate to our students.

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Abu Sufian



My Name Is Rabia Arshad. I started OTP course on Jan,04,2014.Mr. Hanip Provided all resources including books, forum, unlimited access to the facility, tutors,access to the instructors,and softwares.Even with no IT experienc Mr. Hanip teaching skills and knowlwdge help me get great understanding of the course.After being in market for three weeks I was offered a position.Even after the course he is offering any kind of help.He is very approachable.

Thank you so much Mr.Hanip and PNT staff for helping me getting successful and start my career.

Rabia Arshad

It was really great experience studying at PEOPLENTECH, it was more then just a college its like a family.PEOPLENTECH has changed lives of so many student by equipping them with latest IT knowledge and giving them new career path in Information Technology. Mr.Hanip introduced a unique teaching technique,which helps everyone regardless if you are from IT background or not.PEOPLENTECH has the best instructors who make study easier for you so I highly recommend everyone to join PEOPLENTECH.

Tanvir Amir

I have computer science graduation but it did not  give me any job. Onlyfor 4 month duration software testing coursre gave me $ 50.00/ hour job. that is unbelievable.But it is true the prove is me.When I got the offer letter my 11 years daughter asked me,How come you get such kind of job ? Mr. Flood(her principle) does not make $100,000/year!!! I told her, this is the PeopleNTech.They provide me the couching and guideline to make my dream truth.Then she again said I am going to PEOPLENTECH I said ok.PeopleNTech changed my life ,my status and even the thinking power of my daughter.I am grateful to PeopleNTech family.My Allah bless the PeopleNTech family and specially Mr.Abu Hanip.

SM Islam

I started my training with PEOPLENTECH in 2013 when my brother find out this place online and nice reviews.He told me about this place is great and people are getting job with the salary of 100K/yr, so I decided to take the class and I made it.I am very happy now.This place is like goldto me,like say PEOPLENTECH has changed my life entirely that i could not have thought of .so God bless Mr.Hanip and PEOPLENTECH family.

Anil Kumar Maurya

Is was a great experience for me with my training at PEOPLENTECH that helped me in every way possible to get a job after providing appropriate training.I am grateful and appreciate for everything they did for me.

Ashif Uzzaman

My sincere and warmth appreciation to PEOPLENTECH for offering me career change opportunity and helping me in my dreeam jod search.Before joining PEOPLENTECH I was working as IT Management professional.Although IT Management is a good career but it is not as rewarding and demanding in the job market  in terms of salary and opportunities.After joining PEOPLENTECH, I realized that I made a right decision. After four months software testing training in PEOPLENTECH,I obtained a highly pais Software Test engineer job in a company with a salary higher than 100K plus some bonus.

Duolikun Tuerxun

When I heard PeopleNTech, I was confused.It was too good to be true. Few of my friends got job through PeopleNTech and that changed their lives.Confused me about my own career,  one day I went to PNT (PeopleNTech) office in Tysons Corner.I did not have any computer background.On second day one student came in who got job and told us about his success.Then I realized that I should have gone to PNT earilier.I finished my class in september and in October I got job offer.Thanks to Abu Hanip.They have a wonderful team.PNT helped me all the way on every step of getting a job.Specially Farhana Hanip and Marketing Team.They supported me, helped me throughout the whole process.Though I know Thank you is not enough, I do not have any other word to express my gratitude.Thank You PeopleNTech.

Saudia Nabi

I am extremely delighted and express my gratitude from the core of my heart to the PEOPLENTECH INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY  for providing me the high quality training in Quality Assurance Testing field and helping me to achieve a prestigious job.This institute, indeed, has been proving as a trend setter and game changer in people life who want to seek IT careers.This institution is helping its students with its unique coaching style as well as hands-on training/practice through the class lessons, mentoring sessions as well as interview preparation sessions.Its job placement services,no doubt,are exclusive and superior. Iam truly honored to be a member of this esteemed organization and wish for its forever success in IT field.

Panchanan Bhattacharjee

I started this course on May 04,2013 and I found job with the proper care training of PEOPLENTECH on August 08,2013. I had no IT background before and I was a aretail store manager and was struggling to make even 40K/Yr whereas now I am earning 97K/Yr and it was only possible because of PEOPLENTECH.Thanks Mr.Hanip and PEOPLENTECH for offering me a stress free life.

Gohar Alam

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